Colored and Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Colored contacts have become very popular in recent years due to increases in technology as well as increased exposure in the media. Many people would love to change their eye color, and colored contacts now give the ability to choose an eye color different than your own. Much like dying your hair, people typically view colored contacts as a cosmetic application, although colored contacts can also correct your vision in addition to changing your eye color.

Types of Colored Contacts

People who have light colored eyes frequently use enhancers as their colored contact of choice. Enhancers improve one’s eye color with translucent coloring and patterns. This gives an incredibly natural look, yet still allows for noticeable color change.¬†Opaque contact lenses are similar to enhancers, but instead of being translucent, the opaque color completely covers the eye’s natural color with a new, completely solid shade. Opaque contacts are great for people who have dark eyes, or for people who want a more dramatic change than an enhancer would be able to give.

More Information on Colored Contact Lenses

Cool Fun Contacts


While most people use colored and cosmetic contacts to alter their eye color, some people want a more dramatic look. Fun and crazy contacts have become popular in more recent times, especially among teens and children. People frequently wear special effect style contacts for costumes, acting roles, or sometimes just to stand out from the crowd. Special effect contact lenses increased in popularity after the “Twilight” series featured characters with crazy non-human colored eyes.¬†Like any other contacts, cosmetic contact lenses are listed as medical devices by the FDA, and should only be bought after obtaining a prescription from your eye doctor.

Colored contacts are also manufactured for people who suffer from astigmatism and presbyopia.

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