Conventional Contact Lenses (vial Contacts)

Conventional contact lenses are long-term use soft lens types, recognized by the vials they are typically packaged in.  With proper care and cleaning, conventional (vial) contacts can be wearable from several months to up to a year.

Benefits of Conventional Vial Contacts

Conventional contact lenses have been around for ages, and do have a few benefits over disposable soft lens types. Vial contacts generally feature superior materials and optics when being compared to disposable contacts, and are better suited for correcting complex eye conditions such as astigmatism. Vial contacts also are more affordable on a yearly basis assuming they don’t require early replacement (due to damage or misplacement).

Drawbacks of Conventional Vial Contacts

Vial contacts as previously mentioned require more maintenance and care than most contacts. Further, if one were to tear or lose a lens, replacement costs are much higher than it would be with disposable lens types. Vial contacts also carry a greater risk to long term eye irritation and infection if not properly cared for.

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