Disposable Contact Lenses

Disposable contacts first were available to the general public in 1987, and ever since, there has been no looking back. Disposable contact lenses are currently the most popular style of contact, and are generally designed for short term day-time wear.

Disposable contacts have a variety of benefits, most of which is related to their low maintenance, easy-to use nature. Because they’re frequently replaced, disposable contacts are cleaner than long term use contacts, and require less overnight care (or for daily disposable, zero care). In addition to their easy upkeep, disposable contacts are comfortable in the eye, making them great for people with sensitive eyes or children who are just getting accustomed to wearing contact lenses.

Daily Disposable Contacts

Daily disposable contacts are contacts that are worn for a single day, then thrown out. Daily disposables are incredibly low maintenance, and are very easy to use. Since they’re only worn for a single day, no cleaning solution is ever required, and there is no risk for eye infection from improper cleaning. Drawbacks to daily disposable lenses include increased overall costs, and some people note that they’re not quite as comfortable as monthly or weekly disposable contacts.

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Weekly Disposable Contacts

Weekly disposable contacts are highly popular due to their low overall price, high convenience, and incredible comfort. While weekly disposable contacts do require nightly cleansing, they’re still a great choice for avoiding infections due to their weekly replacement schedule. Weekly disposable contacts balance the convenience of daily disposable contacts, with a more affordable pricing and more comfortable wear.
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Monthly Disposable & Extended Wear Contacts

Monthly disposable contact lenses are designed to be worn for 1 to 3 months before being disposed of. While monthly disposable lens types don’t have the same benefits from low maintenance that weekly & daily disposable lenses do, they typically offer better optics, and high grade material for maximum comfort. Many monthly lenses are extended wear, meaning they can be worn during the day and the night for as long as one to two months before they require any form of disposal. Other monthly disposal contacts are “high definition” lenses, which have superior night vision, and a reduction in glare.

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