Toric Contact Lenses

Toric Contact Lenses are contacts made specifically for people who have Astigmatism, which causes a blurring of the vision due to a misshaped cornea. Toric contacts are made with two distinct curvatures, one for the astigmatism condition, and the other for myopia or hyperopia. Since astigmatism is not symmetric, it’s important that Toric contacts do not rotate while in the eye, and as a result, are manufactured uniquely to prevent unintentional rotation.

Toric contacts require more precise fitting, and as a result, can be more difficult to find the proper lens. Additionally, costs are generally higher for Toric style lenses than they would be with a traditional contact. While Toric lenses are very specific in curvature, they can be made using a variety of materials, and are available in RGP, vial,  disposable, and even colored contact lens types.

What’s the best way to correct Astigmatism?

Rigid Gas Permeable contacts are more frequently recommended than soft contacts since they’re more precise in correcting vision problems, and won’t distort over time. Despite this, soft contacts are a more popular solution to Astigmatism due to their comfort & ease of use. ¬†While contacts have become a very popular solution to astigmatism, standard glasses may still be the best choice for individuals who aren’t comfortable wearing contacts, or for those who can’t find the right lens to correct their vision.

As with all things vision related, talking with your eye doctor is the best decision you can make when trying to find the correct solution to your vision problems.

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