Glasses vs. Contacts – Costs & Benefits

Reading Glasses

While  more individuals prefer to wear glasses exclusively, wearing contacts has been growing in popularity ever since scientific advancements made contacts affordable and practical for people in the late 70’s and 80’s.  While many people stay exclusive to either contacts or glasses, it’s also a common trend that  people are adopting both contacts and glasses to have the benefits of each available to them at their own convenience. Both contacts and glasses offer a wide array of benefits, but they each have unique drawbacks in addition to their benefits.

Contact Lens Benefits

  • More natural eyesight without distortion or loss of peripheral vision
  • No extra weight on your face
  • Great for athletics & active lifestyles
  • No fogging up
  • Option to alter eye color via colored contacts
  • Contact lenses won’t hide your beautiful eyes

Contact Lens Disadvantages

  • Forgetting to clean contacts regularly can lead to eye irritation, or potential infection (when not using daily disposables)
  • Require daily attention and upkeep
  • Can contribute to allergy symptoms
  • Can be more difficult for children or elderly to use

Glasses Benefits

  • Won’t require frequent replacement purchases
  • Can compliment your style if carefully selected
  • Low maintenance & easy to take on & off

Glasses Disadvantages

  • Lens reflection and glare
  • Can become uncomfortable on face, especially around the nose
  • Disadvantageous for athletics & sports, easy to break
  • Poor peripheral vision
  • Most people don’t prefer the look of glasses, even if they can be stylish
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