Dacryocsystitis is an inflammation of the tear ducts, typically caused by infection of the Nasolacrimal Sac, or a blockage of the tear ducts.

Dacryocsystitis Symptoms

People suffereing from Dacryocsystitis typically experience painful swelling of the tear ducts, occasional fever, and a mild crusting and tearing. The ducts may appear visually red, and it may feel like a foreign object is in the eye for some.

Dacryocsystitis Treatment

For most, the best treatment is a warm compress and proper hygiene, although more complicated cases may require antibiotics or clearing of the duct blockage. Chronic¬†Dacryocsystitis is possible, but is relatively rare compared to standard¬†Dacryocsystitis. Since it can be difficult to tell which type of Dacryocsystitis you have, it’s important to contact your eye doctor prior to starting any treatment plan.


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