Corneal Transplant Surgery

Corneal Transplant Surgery is a surgical procedure in which one’s damaged cornea is replaced by a transplant healthy cornea. The cornea is the clear portion of the eye that sits in front of the center portion of one’s eye, which features the iris, lens, and pupil. The cornea can become damaged due to trauma or disease, and resulting damage can make it difficult to see through the distorted cornea. Transplant surgery is often performed on an outpatient basis as recommended by an eye doctor depending on various conditions which surgery would be the best solution to.

How Is Corneal Transplant Surgery Performed?

After being sedated, either with general anesthesia or a local anesthetic and a sedative, the surgeon will add protection to the face and prepare the eye to be operated on with lubricants and tools to stabilize the eye. Once the eye is stabilized, the cornea is cut out, and then the donor cornea is placed into position where it’s sewn on with specialized threads (sutures) made to work in the eye. After the new transplant is fully stabilized, the eye is cleaned, and a patch is placed over it. After the patient wakes up, the graft will heal on to the front of the eye restoring proper vision.

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