Dry eye syndrome¬†is a common eye disorder that results when tear production can’t keep up with the rate at which your eyes dry up. Experienced by many, dry eye is highly uncomfortable, and usually requires frequent attention with artificial tears to provide relief. Thankfully, dry eye has a variety of easy cures and solutions which can alleviate the irritating symptoms caused by the lack of tear production.

Types of Dry-Eye

  • Chronic Dry-Eye is usually reflective of a long-term medical condition in which the eyes can not adequately develop the tears needed to moisten the eyes. Chronic dry-eye can be caused by many factors, and are frequently related to surgical side-effects of Lasik procedures, post-menopause conditions, or genetic factors.
  • Common Dry-Eye may occur frequently, but isn’t necessarily caused by chronic medical conditions. Common dry-eye is often caused by contact lens wear, malnutrition, dehydration, smoking, environmental dryness and wind, computer vision syndrome, or other temporary factors that are not related to chronic long term conditions.

Dry-Eye Treatments

The main way to treat dry-eye syndrome is through the use of moisturizing eye drops. Eye drops are effective at providing the necessary lubrication that your eyes have trouble to produce, although long-term use of eye drops with preservatives may cause additional irritation.

For those suffering from standard dry-eye, there are a variety of steps that can be taken to prevent the onset of dry-eye syndrome.¬†Adding a humidifier during colder winter months will help combat excessively dry air common in furnace-heated homes. Plants can also improve humidity within a home, which will lower the rate at which your eyes dry out. Wearing sunglasses when outdoors is not only helpful for protecting your eyes against harmful UV rays, but also can block outdoor wind that would otherwise carry away your eye’s moisture. For cigarette smokers, smoking outside can help rid the air of drying smoke, and quitting smoking altogether is an even more important step to prevent dry-eye. In addition to environmental factors, eating a balanced diet along with plentiful exercise & hydration will go a long way towards alleviating dry eye symptoms.

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