Myopia is one of the most common eye conditions experienced worldwide. Better known as Nearsightedness, myopia is characterized by the inability to focus on objects at a distance. Myopia varies by country in it’s prevalence, with many Asiatic countries having a Myopia rate of greater than 80%. Currently, the united states Myopia rate is currently just over 40%, while many African nations have a myopia rate lower than 15%.

Causes of Myopia

Myopia typically occurs due to the lengthening and deformation of the eyeball as one ages. In similar fashion, Myopia may also be caused by deformity in the eye’s lens, causing an increased refraction in the eye.Myopia is typically caused by genetic factors, although research has correlated nearsightedness with other factors such as excess close-range reading, and eye strain.

Treatment of Myopia

Myopia is most commonly treated through the use of corrective lenses. While contact lenses have become increasingly popular, many still choose to wear corrective eyeglasses these days as a means to correct vision. Alternatively to wearing corrective lenses, many choose to undergo corrective surgery such as Lasik to treat their Myopia.

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