Presbyopia refers to a condition where the eye loses it’s ability to focus on objects within a close range, resulting in blurred close-range vision. Nearly everyone will experience symptoms of Presbyopia at some point during their lives, as it is a natural process related to aging. Most people first begin to experience presbyopia around the age of 40. Presbyopia typically is caused by a stiffening of the eye tissue, which prevents the eyes from focusing on close-range objects.reading glasses

Presbyopia Treatment

Presbyopia can be permanently cured with procedures like Lasik, but most choose to wear contact lenses or reading glasses to treat presbyopia. Most people who suffer from presbyopia choose to wear reading glasses or bifocal contact lenses.

Bifocal lenses either on eyeglasses or contact lenses allow the wearer to focus on close-range object with a separate focal strength than they would view long-range objects.Similar to bifocal lenses, scientific advancement has made for progressive bifocal lenses, which use a range of lens powers without a distinct boundary for even better vision. Other treatments include mono vision technique, which uses a close-range lens in one eye, and a distance lens in the other eye for accurate vision correction both near and far.

Reading glasses are a popular over-the-counter solution to presbyopia, and give wearers a cheap and easy fix to their presbyopia. While bifocal reading glasses can be purchased over the counter, many prefer to buy prescription reading glasses as they can offer higher visual clarity and a higher quality construction.

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