Eye Cosmetics

Ocusoft MascaraEye makeup and cosmetics typically aren’t made with optical health as a primary focus. ¬†Most beauty products that are applied near the eyes utilize fragrances, dyes, oils, preservatives, and can also host bacteria. Eye cosmetics can lead to allergy flare-ups, optical infection, eye irritation, and skin inflammation. Luckily, a few eye care companies have manufactured non-allergenic, non irritating cosmetic products for the eyes.

Additional to potentially unhealthy cosmetic products, practicing proper care around your eyes when applying or removing cosmetics is important too, both for optimum appearance as well as proper health.

Eye Makeup and Cosmetics Best Practices for Healthy Eyes

  • ¬†Never Share Makeup, even with good friends or family members. This is especially important when relating to optical health. Many makeup products host bacteria, and sharing makeup exposes you to more potential viruses and health problems. When applying makeup so close to the eye, any potential contact or spread of infection can pose a risk to optical health.
  • Always use proper makeup remover at the end of every day. Ocusoft manufactures an allergy free makeup remover that is ideal for optical as well as cosmetic health.
  • Always insert contact lenses prior to application of makeup. If you wear contacts, putting contacts in after applying makeup can expose your contacts to makeup chemicals and oils, which can cause a lot of irritation and a potential for infection if worn throughout the day.
  • Make sure to discontinue use of any cosmetic products that cause irritation, inflammation, or infection. Irritation and inflammation is typically a sign of an allergic reaction, and subsequent eye rubbing and itching can lead to infection and contact lens damage.
  • Don’t use old makeup. Old makeup will accumulate too much bacteria to be healthy, and the longer makeup is around, the greater the chance of infection.

Eye Beauty and Cosmetic Tips

  • As with most beauty tips, the best place to start is with overall health. Eating a healthy diet and achieving adequate daily sleep will go a long way towards reducing age-lines, and eliminating swollen, or droopy eyes. Make sure to drink plenty of water and avoid staring at a computer monitor for extended periods of time, as this can cause eye inflammations and dry-eye syndrome. Avoid excess salt, alcohol, and tobacco, as they can lead to puffy or droopy eyes.
  • To reduce swollen, puffy eyes, use a cool item (chilled cucumbers, cold spoons, cool teabags) and hold over the eyes for a minute or two. Cooler temperatures can help reduce inflammation, and also help to reduce dark bags below the eyes caused by dialated blood vessels.
  • When applying mascara and eyeliner, less is generally more. More can be added, but it’s much more difficult to remove makeup and re-do the process than to be subtle and apply small amounts. Less makeup also looks more natural, and prevents potential smudging and running.
  • If you can’t figure out colors to use, wearing neutral colors works great for just about any style. If you can’t figure out where to start, wearing colors that compliment your eye color is an easy way to find the proper palette.
  • Consulting a beauty professional is always a great place to learn proper beauty tips, pick the right makeup, and figure out a traditional maintenance routine.
  • Make sure to wash your face thoroughly prior to applying any makeup.

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