Eyeglasses Trends

Finding the right style of glasses to wear in 2012 is important to stay trendy and fashionable. Many people in 2012 prefer wearing glasses over contact lenses specifically because they offer an added style bonus that contact lenses can’t give the wearer. See below for the latest eyeglasses and fashion trends in 2012 for both men and women.

2012 Trends For Women

Geek Chic Glasses

  • “Geek Chic” Glasses: Who would have ever thought being nerdy was cool 20 years ago? ┬áToday, over-sized, slightly “geeky” glasses are both bold, as well as stylish. Geek Chic glasses are popular among intellectuals, artistic crowds, and can give a trendy and intelligent appearance. Geek Chic glasses can be identified by thicker plastic frames, and structured, angular corners. Most glasses of this category are black, but colored and patterned variations are also frequent.
  • Retro Glasses: Retro styles always seem to be fashionable, but this is particularly true in 2012. Look for butterfly and cat-eyed retro glasses to be a trendy item for people who are bold enough to wear these uniquely shaped glasses.
  • Accessories and Unique Patterns: Look for additional detail to be popular on glasses in 2012. Being bold in your color choice or pattern is a great way to stand out, and can even compliment your overall style. Look for jewels and frame detailing to be more popular and fashionable than it’s ever been in the recent past.

2012 Trends For Men

  • Plastic Frames: Most popular men’s eyeglass styles will feature plastic frames, and relatively boxy shapes. Similar to women, Geek Chic will be popular for men in 2012, and will likely be popular into the near future.
  • Patterns and Colors: Also similar to women’s glasses, look for patterns and coloration to be more popular than mono colors. Men’s colored glasses won’t be as colorful as women’s, but expect earth-tones, and dark colored glasses with designs or patterns to be popular in 2012.


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