Eye Health and Eye Care

Proper vision is critical to everyone’s overall well being. People are constantly dependent on accurate vision, whether for driving, reading, writing, or simply being able to distinguish images properly. Despite the importance of proper ocular health, more than one million people in the United States alone are legally blind, and it’s estimated that conditions such as Glaucoma and Cataracts will increase by more than 80% by year 2030.

Despite the prevalence of these conditions, many of these ocular problems could have been avoided through proper health practices. Learn more about healthy practices and eye health by clicking on each topic below. Most importantly, if you are having any vision problems or discomfort, make sure to see an eye care professional as soon as possible.

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Eye Nutrition for Better Eyesight – Nutrition plays a significant role in each individual’s ocular health. Nutrients like Lutein, Vitamin A, and many others have been proven to assist in preventing macular degeneration, sharpening vision, and even can assist in disease prevention. Learn more about the r0le your diet plays in proper vision, and how you can benefit from proper supplementation.

Eye Injury and Disease Prevention – While most eye conditions and diseases are treatable, avoiding eye disease in the first place is always preferable. While many eye diseases occur naturally with age, eye injury and disease can frequently be prevented through proper lifestyle choices and healthy habits.

Treatments for Common Eye Conditions – Thousands of people suffer from minor eye conditions such as dry-eye, red-eyes, conjunctivitis, or even common styes. These conditions can cause a lot of discomfort if not treated properly. While these conditions typically won’t threaten major complications, enough irritation can lead to more advanced eye disease if untreated. Thankfully, there are simple solutions to these conditions, and relief is often as easy applying a few eye drops on a daily basis.

Contact Lens Sanitation and Care – Caring for contacts is an important practice for maintaining proper eye health. Neglecting proper contact lens care can result in infection, irritation, and overall eye discomfort. Learn tips on proper contact lens care online.

Protective Eyewear – While most vision products are made to correct eye conditions such as Myopia or Astigmatism, some are made to protect the eyes from harm and irritation. Many forms of protective eyewear exist, typically made specifically for varying applications, such as welding protection, wind protection, or even protection against chemicals.

How Your Eyes Work – Have you ever wondered how your eyes work? Learn more about how your eyes process light, the different parts of your eye, and how eye disease can affect your vision.

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