Treatments for Common Eye Problems

Nearly everyone will have a minor eye problem at some point during their life. While minor eye problems won’t threaten long term vision complications, they can be uncomfortable, and if untreated, they may result in further infection or problems.

Conjunctivitis ( Pink Eye)Conjunctivitis has many underlying causes, and typically results in itchy, red, irritated eyes. Also known as pink eye, conjunctivitis is common with children, and is easily remedied.

Dry Eye Syndrome – Similar to conjunctivitis, dry eye has many underlying causes, some being genetic, others resulting from lifestyle, and some resulting from disease. Dry eye typically can’t be cured, but there are many treatments that can alleviate symptoms, or even prevent tear loss.

Red-Eye Syndrome – Red-Eye syndrome is a generic reference to any eye condition that causes red, irritated eyes. Red eye can refer to conjunctivitis, dry eye, allergies, or other more serious conditions that all cause the eyes to become inflamed and red in color.

Eye StyesStyes are common irritations around the eyelids, similar to a pimple. Styes are typically mild in nature, but can occasionally require mild medical attention for the purpose of draining or disinfecting.


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