Conjunctivitis and Pink Eye Treatments

Conjunctivitis is generally defined by an inflammation of the outer layer of the eye and the eyelids. Conjunctivitis is typically caused by a viral or bacterial infection, but can also be attributed to allergies or chemical contamination.

Relief from Pink Eye / Conjunctivitis

For bacterial cases of conjunctivitis, most cases will go away naturally without any treatment in 3-5 days. Although most cases will naturally relieve themselves, for more severe cases, topical antibiotics, ointments, and eye drops can be applied to cure infection.¬†For conjunctivitis related to allergies, rewetting eye drops, and in more severe cases, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine eye drops offer relief from allergic symptoms.Chemical related conjunctivitis requires rinsing the eye of chemicals and contaminants prior to touching the eye. Symptoms for chemical and viral conjunctivitis aren’t curable, but will typically last no longer than 3-5 days.

For non medical relief, applying cold compresses and applying rewetting solution can assist in alleviating irritation in all types of conjunctivitis. The easiest way to prevent conjunctivitis is to keep your hands properly sanitized, avoid hand contact to the eye, and make sure to wash your face and hands frequently.

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