Picking the Right Frames

Picking the right frame can be difficult, and not everyone will look good in every frame style. With that said, it’s been found that certain facial shapes match better with specific frame styles. See below for our suggestions on how to choose the right eyeglass frames based off your facial shape.

Before you find the right frame style, it’s important to know which facial shape you have. If you can’t determine which facial shape you have, learn how to measure facial shape properly before taking an uneducated guess.

Oval face

Oval faces are balanced, and therefore easy to match with almost any type of frame. Oval faces generally feature a chin slightly narrower than the forehead, along with higher cheek bones. Most people who shop for frames consider those with oval faces “lucky” since their only real limitation is personal preference.

Round Face

Round faces feature softer angles, and a width similar to it’s height. Geometric and Rectangular frames compliment round faces by adding angles and a more defined shape to the face. Frames that are wider, with well defined edges will assist in offsetting the softer features of one’s face.

Square Face

Square faces feature strong, angular features with a wide forehead and large jaw-line. Curved and rounded frames are beneficial to people who have square faces, as the curved features can soften the face, and counterbalance the strong features. Wider frames without excess height are frequently recommend, since they can add length to the face.

Heart Shaped Face

Heart shaped faces are typically wider at the top, and narrow at the chin. Heart shaped faces are more difficult to shop for than other shapes, since they’re similarly more rare than other facial shapes. Most people who have heart shaped faces find wearing narrower angular lens types to be beneficial, since lenses of this type can minimize width, while similarly adding shape and definition to their face. Additionally, look for glasses frames that either add volume to the cheeks and chin, or take away from forehead width.

Diamond Shaped Face

People with diamond facial shapes typically have a narrow forehead, a thin jaw line, and will often have prominent cheekbones. Diamond face shapes are similar to oval facial shapes in that they’re compatible with most frame styles. People with particularly geometric or pointed diamond shape faces may want to wear glasses with softer curves to balance and soften their facial angles.

Oblong Face Shape

Those with oblong faces will generally have a high forehead, thin facial width, a long nose, and high cheekbones. The best frame styles for people with oblong facial shapes are frames that are tall such as Aviators, or square style glasses, as they can balance out their naturally long facial shape.


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