Reading Glasses

Reading glasses are made as a quick and easy solution to short-distance vision problems. While reading glasses can be custom manufactured for an individual’s eye problems, many people choose “ready made readers” which are generic reading glasses that can be purchased without prescription. Many people start wearing readers as they approach their middle age and start to experience the effects of Presbyopia,  resulting in trouble focusing on close range objects such as books and menus.

Additional to those suffering from presbyopia, reading glasses are frequently purchased by people who have mild vision problems, and thus don’t need acute and accurate vision correction or an eye examination to figure out one’s eye condition. Most reading glasses come in focal strengths ranging from 1 to 3.50, and are effective for treating minor Hyperopia along with traditional Presbyopia. While most people use full-lens reading glasses, some people choose half-lens readers, where one can look down through a lens for short distance reading, or simply look above the lens for distance viewing.

While most people purchase ready made readers at their local pharmacy, drugstore, or retail outlet, reading glasses can be custom manufactured to provide superior optical clarity and comfort. Purchasing custom designed reading glasses can reduce discomfort some may experience while using standard ready-made readers.

Drawbacks to Wearing Reading GlassesKid Reading

While reading glasses are an affordable and practical solution to minor vision problems for many, some may experience headaches, nausea, and dizziness if the lens strength isn’t adjusted in a proper manner. Generally if the aforementioned side effects would occur, it would be a practical idea to visit an eye doctor to obtain accurate, prescription fitted glasses.

Computer Glasses

While many people wear reading glasses for computer usage, computer glasses are different than normal reading glasses in that they’re designed to focus on distances that are traditionally further away than what standard readers are designed to focus on. Some consider computer eyeglasses to be a specific type of reading eyeglass, although most consider them to be a separate type of optical device made for different purposes. Wearing reading glasses for computer usage may assist in alleviating some eye strain, although proper computer glasses will be much more effective at preventing the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome many experience from extended computer usage.

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