Types of glasses

Glasses come in many different varieties, mostly created to fix specific and varied vision problems. In addition to eyeglass types based on lens curvatures, there are a wide variety of specialty eyeglasses that perform functions outside vision correction.

Eyeglass Varieties

Traditional Eyeglasses (Spherical)– Traditional eyeglasses are the standard solution to vision problems, and are used to correct common conditions such as Myopia and Hyperopia (near and far-sightedness).

Bifocal, Trifocal, and Progressive Lens Eyeglasses – Bifocal, trifocal, and progressive eyeglasses benefit people who need a different prescription for distance viewing than they do for reading and other close-up work. Progressive lens types use a gradient of increasing lens power instead of distinctly separate lens curvatures as seen in bifocal and trifocal contacts.

Adjustable Focus Glasses – Adjustable focus eyeglasses are made so that the focal point on the glasses can be changed manually as seen fit. Much like binoculars, the focal point can be changed to fit one’s vision problems, eliminating the need to buy multiple pairs of eyeglasses, or use bifocal lens types.

Aspheric Glasses – Aspheric lens eyeglasses correct the same vision problems normal lens styles would, but accomplish it using a different lens curvature. Aspheric lens curvatures are varied across the surface, which is known to reduce distortion in the extremities of the lens, and more importantly, is used to manufacture thinner lenses. The use of a smaller lens also lightens the eyeglasses, making for more comfortable wearing.

Reading Glasses – Reading glasses are made as a quick and easy solution to short-distance vision problems. While reading glasses can be custom manufactured for an individual’s eye problems, many people choose “ready made readers” which are generic reading glasses that can be bought without prescription.

High Definition Eyeglasses – High Definition eyeglasses offer incredible clarity, customized fit, and reduced glare when compared to any other style lens. HD lenses are custom manufactured and measured using advanced technology, and can be a great solution to anybody wanting clearer vision.

High Index Eyeglasses – High Index glasses are similar to aspheric shape lens varieties in that they are designed to significantly reduce the size and weight of lenses without reducing optical quality. High index lenses work by creating more refraction within the lens, allowing less material, and a less dramatic curvature.

Computer Glasses – Computer eyeglasses are a specific solution to vision problems caused by frequent computer usage and eye strain. Computer glasses offer a minor vision correction ideal for mid range viewing, effectively preventing eye strain caused by computer monitors.

Specialty Eyeglasses & Protective Eyewear – Millions of people every day depend on protective and specialty eye equipment. Many types of specialty optical equipment is used for niche jobs, hobbies, and practical purposes.

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