Adjustable Focus Glasses

Adjustable Focus Glasses are the newest development in eyewear technology. The principle behind Adjustable focus glasses is that instead of having a locked lens curvature, you can manually adjust the power of the lens curvature, to correct vision, or simply to alter between short range or long range vision without needing bifocal eyeglasses.

Types of Adjustable Focus Eyeglasses

The most common type of adjustable eyeglasses are built by sandwiching a layer of optical fluid between two lenses. By adjusting the amount of fluid between the two lens types, one can make the curvature of the eyeglass either bulge, or shrink, henceforth varying the optical power of the eyeglass. One of the primary purposes for the development of these eyeglasses is for providing vision correction to people in the developing world who do not have access to eye doctors and prescription lenses. While the adjustable focus eyeglasses built for developing countries aren’t perfectly accurate, Superfocus Eyeglasses are known for high accuracy, and are significantly more compact than other types of adjustable focus glasses.

Electronic adjustable focus eyeglasses are an even more recent development than manual fluid based adjustable glasses. These eyeglasses work by electronically altering a thin layer of liquid crystal located inside each lens, which then alters the corrective power of the lens. The greatest advantages of these glasses are that they can be made in more traditional styling than manual style adjustable lenses, since they do not have to accommodate for the liquid stored between the lenses, and the electronic components can easily fit in in the frame of the glasses without added bulk. Additional to their smaller profile, these eyeglasses can electronically sense motion, and can automatically adjust vision if it detects one is looking down for the purpose of reading.

The Future of Adjustable Focus Eyeglasses

Adjustable focus technology is still new, and development of advanced adjustable focus lenses is on the cutting edge of eye care right now. Like many technologies in modern times, look for adjustable focus glasses to become more compact, more popular, and to give new options for anybody suffering from vision problems. Right now, adjustable focus glasses are helping to provide vision for those suffering from problems in developing countries. Without the assistance of adjustable focus glasses, many would not be able to read or work, and many would live a life of a greatly decreased quality. Given how much of an impact adjustable focus vision products have already since their invention, it’s exciting to think of what the future for adjustable focus glasses may hold.

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