Computer Eyeglasses

Many people around the world spend upwards of 8+ hours a day on the computer. The average American spends approximately 4-6 hours per day on a computer, and more time looking at cellular phones, reading tablets, and doing other work that would normally lead to eye strain. While computer vision syndrome (CVS) is not a major condition, it leads to headaches, stress, weary eyes, blurry vision, and dry eye syndrome for many people on a daily basis. Most people are not even aware that they are suffering from computer vision syndrome,  and are unaware that there is a quick and easy solution to eye strain.

Computer Glasses 

With so many people spending time on the internet, eyeglass manufacturers realized they had an opportunity to provide a solution to people suffering from eye strain. As a result, computer eyeglasses were developed, specifically designed to reduce glare, correct focal problems that cause computer eyestrain, and reduce irritating light from fluorescent lighting and electronic devices. Computer glasses help to prevent headaches and all other symptoms associated with computer vision syndrome, and can be worn by people with or without other vision problems. While many people use reading glasses for computer related tasks, computer glasses are designed for mid-range viewing, whereas readers are only helpful for close range vision, and thus ineffectual for preventing computer vision syndrome.

Additional to computer glasses, some companies manufacture eye drops for inflamed eye conditions caused by frequent computer use. Computer eye drops are useful as a short-term remedy to eye strain and inflammation.

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