High Definition Eyeglasses

High definition eyeglasses feature breakthrough technology in lens design, that allows even stronger and more accurate vision correction than standard prescription glasses would. These lenses are custom manufactured and custom fitted to your specific eyesight needs, which typically improves one’s vision for both day and night-time wear.

High definition lens styles are typically free-form manufactured using CNC equipment which can custom cut eyeglass lenses to your specific eye measurements. The custom manufacturing process reduces surface aberrations, allows for greater optical accuracy, and specifically aligns the lens in position with the pupil. Some high definition lenses use wave-front technology to measure vision errors with incredible detail. Wave-front technology is also used for Lasik surgery, and utilizes advanced software and imaging to map minute errors across the eye. High definition lenses can be manufactured for any eye condition, ranging from presbyopia, to myopia, and even astigmatism.

Benefits of High Definition Eye Glass LensesHigh Definition Glasses

  • Reduce glare both during the day as well as at night
  • Higher lens clarity
  • Lower amount of peripheral distortion in lenses and increase optical clarity
  • Lower contrast sensitivity
  • Ideal for people who have more severe or complicated vision problems

Drawbacks of High Definition Eye Glass Lenses

  • Lenses are significantly more expensive when compared to standard or aspheric lens styles
  • Fitting and production process may take longer than normal
  • Additional measurements and fittings are often required after eyeglass frames are chosen
  • Benefits may not be that noticeable for people who only have minor vision impediments


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