Traditional Eyeglasses

Traditional (Spherical) eyeglasses are hundreds of years old, originating during the dark ages. While glasses themselves originated around the 1300’s, using lenses for magnifying purposes has been dated back to ancient Egypt and Rome. Despite it’s age, the traditional style of eyeglass lens is still used to this day, and features a spherical style lens that alters the focal point of objects either near or far to combat Myopia or Hyperopia. While spherical lens types are still used quite frequently, many people use aspheric lens styles these days due to improvements in optical quality and reduction in lens-thickness.

Lens Shapes

Convex lenses are used to alter people’s vision who suffer from Hyperopia, allowing them to see objects up close that would otherwise appear blurred. Opposite of convex lenses, concave lens types are the standard lens shape used to treat people suffering from Myopia, allowing them to see far away objects with greater accuracy.

The convex and concave shape of a lens alter’s one’s vision by refracting light that would enter the eye, thus adjusting the path the light would normally take to the retina. By adjusting the light’s path away from it’s normal route, it can counterbalance the optical flaws that cause normal vision problems like near and far-sightedness.

Lens Materials Traditional Eyeglasses

Originally, eyeglasses were made from glass, but nowadays, plastics and polycarbonates are cheaper to manufacture, lighter, safer, and can even offer superior optics. Factors people take into account when choosing a lens material may include durability, weight, refractive index, glare reduction, UV protection, and optical clarity.

Generally speaking, consumers choose traditional spherical eyeglasses because they’re inexpensive, effective, and a tried and true way to correct vision problems resulting from hyperopia and myopia.

Drawbacks of Traditional Eyeglasses

While traditional glasses are still very popular, aspheric and other lens styles have become increasingly patronized due to a slightly greater optical clarity, and a reduction in the weight and size of the lens itself. Traditional spherical lenses also can not adjust problems individuals would have with Astigmatism or Presbyopia, which are two of the most common eye conditions people suffer from.

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