Specialty Eyewear

Everyone is familiar with standard ¬†eyeglasses and contacts, but optical devices aren’t limited to those that correct vision problems. Every day people use eyewear for a multitude of applications, ranging from welding goggles to paintball masks. Learn about specialty eyewear and all the different ways people protect, enhance, and alter their vision.

Recreational Eyewear – Every year, thousands of people participate in athletics, hobbies, and general recreation that requires protective or specialty eyewear. Learn about recreation specific eye equipment, and the various roles eyewear plays in people’s pastimes.

Protective Eyewear – Protective eye equipment is critical for many people who work in hazardous environments, and for any profession where there is significant risk for optical damage without proper protection. Protective eye-wear is a variant of personal protective equipment (PPE), which is required for many professions involving hazardous work.

Other specialty Eyewear – While most specialty types of eye equipment can be categorized as protective or recreational, some optical devices can’t be categorized. Learn about other optical equipment, including binoculars, night vision goggles, and surgical glasses.

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