Other Specialty Eyewear

There are many types of eye-wear that are difficult to categorize. These devices generally have highly specific functions, not directly related to recreation or safety. See below for varieties of specialty eyewear.

Night Vision Goggles – Night vision goggles were first used in World War II, but weren’t widely adopted until the Vietnam war. Mostly used by law enforcement and military, night vision goggles enhance the light in any environment, allowing one to see both near and far even in environments that approach perfect dark. While night vision technology is most often used by military, security, and law enforcement, it is possible for a standard consumer to purchase night vision goggles for recreation.

Binoculars – Binoculars have been around since the 17th century, and were a rapid evolution of the recently invented telescope. Binoculars essentially act as dual, handheld telescopes, that allow an individual to view objects in the distance with full visual clarity in larger scale. Uses for binoculars are widespread, and they’re essentially relevant in any situation where an individual would want to see a far off object in a closer manner. Many varieties of binoculars exist, ranging from high-powered, bulky binoculars to hand sized binoculars used for viewing operas and theatre.

Loupes –  Loupes, also known as a jeweler’s lens,  is a handheld magnifying lens, typically used to study or craft small objects. Loupes are used by most jewelers, but are also used in many other professions where detailed viewing is required at a much smaller scale. Many professionals in biological or medical fields use loupes for detail oriented work when a full microscope would be impractical. Geologists and Paleontologists use Loupes to study mineral and rock structures. Nowadays, many loupes are worn on one’s head similar to eyeglasses so that the wearer can use both hands while experiencing enhanced vision.



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