Prescription Sunglasses

Millions of people wear standard glasses to correct their vision around the world. So what happens if they want to wear sunglasses as well?

Back in the 80’s and 90’s, clip on shades were invented that could clip on to your normal eyeglasses to shade your eyes while still offering vision correction. While this was effective, it was also clunky, and lacked the effortless style that true sunglasses gave. Due to high demand, eyeglass brands started manufacturing prescription sunglasses that were able to correct both your vision as well as protect your eyes from glare and harmful ultra violet rays. While prescription sunglasses do cost more than non-prescription sunglasses, they can be surprisingly affordable, and are available for all ages and lifestyles. Prescription sunglasses are available in nearly all the same styles and brands that ordinary sunglasses would be available in.

Another popular option for UV protection is utilizing glasses with photochromatic tints lenses. Commonly referred to as transitions lenses, these glasses look like ordinary eyeglasses, but when they’re exposed to ultra violet light, their lens transforms into a tinted color that protects from glare and UV rays.

Just like with normal sunglasses, it’s important that your prescription sunglasses are polarized, as this will protect your eyes from all ultra-violet rays that would hit them. While prescription sunglasses are becoming increasingly popular, they still require a prescription to be purchased, much like ordinary corrective lenses would. Contact your doctor to set up an eye appointment if you’re interested in prescription sunglasses.

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