Clip-On Sunglasses

Clip-On sunglasses were the first solution for individuals who wanted the glare and sun protection that sunglasses offered, while still experiencing the vision correcting effects traditional glasses would give. Clip on sunglasses essentially are the front-frame of a normal pair of sunglasses, except instead of having earpieces, they simply have clips that can attach to the front of your standard eyeglasses, giving you a second layer of lenses, which add the shading effect normal sunglasses would. Some more advanced clip on sunglasses use magnets to stick to the front of your eyeglasses in place of metal hooks.

Popularity and Use of Clip On Sunglasses

Clip on sunglasses were popular prior to widespread use of contact lenses and prescription sunglasses. With more people wearing contacts or simply willing to pay extra for prescription sunglasses, clip on shades have lost much of their popularity. Many people cite added bulk, and lack of fashion as to why they prefer more expensive prescription sunglasses over clip-on shades. Despite decreased popularity, many people still use clip-ons as a cost efficient means to shade their eyes. Clip on sunglasses are still manufactured and sold across the country, and are affordable and practical for people who aren’t particularly fashion sensitive when it comes to eye-wear. Most clip on shades are available in polarized style lenses, giving full protection from Ultra-Violet radiation.

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