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Ohio State Sport SunglassesSport sunglasses are a variety of wraparound sunglasses, made specifically for active lifestyles, and athletic endeavors. As they are a variety of wrap around sunglasses, athletic sunglasses similarly feature a large lens that extends beyond the front of the eye typically covering parts of the temple as well. By extending beyond the edge of your eye, glare and sunlight won’t cause any vision problems even if the sun would be seen through one’s peripheral vision. The extra large lens also assists in preventing wind irritation, blocks dust and debris, and reduces distraction caused by lens boundaries in standard sunglasses lenses. Athletic sunglasses are made for both male and female athletes, as well as children.

Standard Features in Athletic Sunglasses

Smith Sport SunglassesWhile athletic sunglasses are a distinct sub-type of wraparound sunglasses, there are quite a few distinct features that help them stand out from “typical” wraparound shades. Athletic sunglasses are usually made with a durable, lightweight, impact resistant polycarbonate lens, that won’t break from dropping, and won’t fracture upon impact. In order to reduce glare caused by looking into the sun or by seeing bright reflections off snow or water, sport sunglasses nearly always feature polarized lenses. Some sport eyeglasses feature flip-up lenses, in which the lenses can be flipped up when not looking into the sun, then flipped down when glare becomes a problem. Other varieties feature interchangeable lenses, where an athlete can change lens tint at will, based off what best suits their activity.

Additional to lens technology, sport sunglasses usually have highly durable, flexible frames that hug your head easier than standard sunglasses would. By using high tech plastic polymers, frames are designed to be light weight and durable in the same way that athletic lenses are designed. Added flexibility allows for a tighter fit around the head, so sunglasses don’t risk falling off during competition. Athletic sunglasses frames typically are designed as a singular bar, with the lenses being attached to the bottom of the frame. Some athletic sunglasses have full frames which wrap around the lens, although this is not very common as it increases weight, and reduces flexibility.

What Sports are Athletic Sunglasses For?

Athletic sunglasses are ideal for almost any outdoor sport, or any sport played where bright lights and glare may be an issue. Even if someone isn’t an athlete, athletic style sunglasses can be a great option if you’re frequently active, or simply want high performance eyewear for eye protection. While hundreds of sports use athletic sunglasses, the below sports are particularly well known for their use.

  • Baseball – Assists in seeing ball when looking into the sun, keeps dust from field out of the eyes.
  • Snowboarding / Skiing – Assists to reduce glare from sun off snow.
  • Hunting – Allows hunter to find game while looking in to sun. Can help camouflage hunter as well.
  • Biking – Keeps wind from irritating eyes, prevents glare.
  • Tennis – Allows athlete to see ball when looking into the sun.
  • Running  – Similar to Biking, keeps wind out of eyes while allowing runner to see clearly in bright weather
  • Volleyball – Prevents sand from entering eye, gives athlete better eyesight when looking for volleyball in sunny weather
  • Golfing – Athletic sunglasses gives golfers precision eyesight when trying to line up the pin on a sunny day
Overall, athletic sunglasses are practical for anybody who plans on staying active while protecting their eyesight. Athletic sunglasses can give a competitive advantage to any athlete, and are even fashionable for daily wear when not competing.

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