Wraparound Sunglasses

Smith Athletic Wraparound SunglassesWraparound sunglasses became a popular and well known style in the late 80’s and early 1990’s, and are still popular these days. Wraparound sunglasses are most widely defined by a large lens that extends beyond the front of the eye, and often incorporates parts of the temple into the lens design. Sport and athletic sunglasses typically are a variation of wraparound lenses, customized specifically to be more durable and practical for outdoor athletic activity. Wrap around sunglasses generally are made with black plastic frames, and are practical for both men and women.

Wraparound Sunglass Uses

Wraparound sunglasses mimic goggles by covering large amounts of the face, although unlike goggles, they don’t actually hug your face. Because of this, wraparound sunglasses prevent wind irritation, and block out more light than traditional sunglasses ever would. The goggle-design is useful for athletic sunglasses designs, but also is practical for people who are extra sensitive to bright light, people who have dry-eye problems, or people who simply want the over-sized style.
Smith Fashion Wraparound Sunglasses
Wraparound Sunglasses and Fashion

While not all wraparound designs are made for fashion purposes, many designers craft wraparound sunglasses exclusively for fashion purposes. While men more frequently wear the sport-styled wraparound sunglasses, females have a greater affinity towards wearing designer and fashionable wraparound sunglasses. Many fashionable wraparounds are seen as being extra large bug-eyed sunglasses, although some have a more narrow profile.

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