Why You Need Sunglasses

Most people have historically viewed sunglasses as fashion pieces that can help prevent daytime glare from the sun. While the previous view on sunglasses is in fact true, sunglasses play a much more important role in protecting your eyes from harmful UltraViolet radiation. When purchasing a pair of sunglasses, it’s important to look for polarized sunglasses to experience the full range of health benefits, as polarization blocks glare as well as radiation.

Ultraviolet Radiation, and How it Can Damage Your Eyes

  • UV radiation has been shown to lead to Cataracts, which can cause vision obstruction, and blindness if untreated.
  • Excess exposure to UV rays can cause snow blindness, aka welder’s flash, where the cornea experiences symptoms similar to a sunburn.
  • Ultra-Violet radiation can directly damage the cornea, lens, and retina.
  • UV ray exposure can increase likelihood of eye cancers
  • Excess sun can lead to painful conjunctivitis, also known as Pinguecula

Other Health Benefits Related to Sunglasses

While health benefits are most important, other benefits of wearing sunglasses include reduced glare while driving, enhanced ability to play sports in sunny weather, and a reduction of irritation in bright light. People who wear sunglasses while driving are proven to get in less accidents than those who drive while staring into the sun. Although sunglasses aren’t incredibly popular among children, considering children spend more time in the sun than adults do, protecting your child’s eyes can also prevent early macular degeneration and radiation damage.

Overall, there is no reason not to own a pair of sunglasses, they can increase your health, increase your comfort, and can even make you look better. Eyeglasses don’t have to be expensive, and while many prefer designer sunglasses, more affordable sunglasses typically can protect the eyes just as well without costing a fortune. Children typically aren’t super picky about sunglasses either, and are often just happy to have a pair to wear out in the sun. For people who wear eyeglasses, prescription sunglasses ┬ámay be a great alternative to standard sunglasses, as they can correct your vision while similarly correcting your eyesight.

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